Sardi ke Laddoo( winter Laddoo)

Once again made by my friend and lovely neighbour Rani.

These were fabulous.

1/2 kg atta

200 gms Gond

1/2 kg dried dates(chuhaara/ kharek)

1/2 kg almonds

1/2 kg cashews

250 gms grated fresh coconut

15/20 cardamoms crushed

800 gms Powdered sugar

Ghee about 750 gms

Fry the Gond in hot Ghee till it puffs up. Check to see that they are not hard inside. Keep aside.

Cook the atta in Ghee on a very low flame . Takes about 30 mins. . Do not let it get dark brown. When it’s been cooking for about 20 minutes Mix in the grated coconut and keep stirring constantly.

Grind the almonds , cashews and dried dates to a fine powder.

When the atta is almost done cooking it will give out a nice aroma. Mix in the powdered dry fruit and fried Gond.

Remove this mix on a wide parat/ thali.

Cool till it’s a little warmer than room temperature

Mix in the powdered sugar and Cardamom powder.

Make balls with this mix.

Enjoy with hot milk or just by itself.


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