Rajgira Chikki ( Amaranth Chikki)

Soft delicious ideal for fasts healthy .

Thanks again to my ever helpful neighbour Rani.

Dry fruit can be added broken or crushed even peanuts I didn’t. If using unplugged Amaranth you have to first puff it up like popcorn on a hot pan 1 tbsp at a time. But since here we get puffed Amaranth I went with that.

Puffed Amaranth 11/2 cups sieved

Gur ( Jaggery) 1/2 cup crushed

2 tsps ghee ( no oil please)

1/4 tsp cardamom powder

A little ghee to grease a tray ( ideally a deep dish or a swissroll tray

A few tbsps of water in a bowl.

Heat the 2 tsps ghee in a wok. Add the Gur to the wok and stir till it melts add 1tbsp of water it’ll start boiling keep stirring. After 2-3 mins pour a drop of the melted Gur in a bowl of water if the Gur starts solidifying you are good to go. Add the cardamom powder and the puffed Amaranth and mix. Take it if the heat.

Nicely spread it on the greased tray. Cool it for a few minutes. Cut it into shape with a sharp knife.

Break. Store it in a ziplock bag and then in an airtight container.


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