TIL Papad ( Gajak)

This is for the Lohri festival which is just in a few days.

We’ve always called for these delicious delicate TIL Papads from Beavor ( Rajasthan) and I thought it was impossible to make it at home.

But when I saw my neighbour making it and patiently explaining each bit.

But it was so easy. Please do try it .

Mine were not as round as hers. And I made with both white and black TIL.


ratio is very important

Be quick

Be gentle

Be patient as you can make only one at a time

1 tsp sugar

1 1/2 tsp TIL ( sesame black or white )

Heat the sugar in a pan on medium flame keep stirring with a wooden spoon. As it melts some grains with stick to the spoon. Scrape it off in the pan with a blunt knife. Keep stirring till the sugar melts. Immediately add in the sesame. Mix it quickly. Pour it out onto the kitchen slab . Quickly form a ball and roll it out lightly with a rolling pin. Let it cool. And keep each Papad between sheets of butter paper in an airtight box or preferably a cardboard box so that it doesn’t get moist.


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