Nutritious Salad.

1. 2 tender cucumbers chopped diced

2. 1 Tomato deseeded and diced

3. 1 mall onion diced

4. 2 tbsps celery minced

5. 1 tbsp sesame toasted black and white.

6. 2-3 tbsp roasted peanuts

7. 1/4 cup 3 root preserve

8. Choliya 1 cup. ( green chickpeas ) boiled.

9. Salt to taste

10. A dash of lemon juice

11. A handful of Chia seed micro greens.

I took a large bowl. Mixed ingredients 1-8 together. Add very little salt and lemon juice.

Garnished the salad with a handful of the chia microgreens and. Inspite of the having normal day to day ingredients it was a gourmets delight.

The lovely burst of the flavour of celery , the sting of the onions mixed together with the sweetness of the freshly roasted peanuts and cool tomatoes and cucumbers. And ofcourse the beautiful divine and topped with healthy microgreens All in all a very nutritious , toothsome and delightful salad.


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