Three Root Preserve

Recipe Credits Atul Sikand

Three Root Preserve #sikandalouscuisine

​I am not going into the health benefits of this post as I dont know much on that , members are free to discuss and hopefully not give medical advice ! Today’s post is about fresh haldi and two more delicious roots – aromatic Amba Mor / White Turmeric and Ginger/ Adrak. Here they come together and create a delicious preserve.

​Every winter we make 2-3 large jars of Fresh Turmeric Preserve which stays forever in the fridge and adds great flavors to soups , salads , mixed into cooked veggies and most often just eaten like an achar – or like have , on a mathari !

This year thanks to Nandita I have lots of Amba Mor/White Turmeric which I didnt want drying out on me – and thats how this mixed root preserve came to be.The same recipe applies to any combination permutation of these ingredients . Here is what I did – all measures are flexible.

1 Cup Grated Peeled Fresh Turmeric/ Haldi.​

3/4th Cup Grated Peeled Amba Mor/White Turmeric.

1/2 Cup Grated Peeled Fresh Ginger/Adrak.

2-3 Tablespoons Lemon Juice.

1 Teaspoon Freshly Pounded Black Pepper.


Grate using the largest hole , or cut to size.Mix all ingredients and it’s ready to eat ! Store in an airtight jar store in the fridge. It will retain a bite and all the brilliant flavors for over a year when you can make a fresh batch. Black pepper isnt necessary , I add it because when you ingest turmeric with black pepper, you are increasing the amount of the curcumin you can absorb and your body can use – ooops I gave some food gyaan too !

Not all will have access to Amba Mor – no problem , use the same recipe for Fresh Turmeric with or without adding Ginger .


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