Neer Dosa

Neer as the word means water.

So a watery batter

Cooking is not Rocket science agreed. But cooking is also not easy as one thinks it is.

Getting the right proportions , the right consistency , the right amount of gravy masalas etc etc is quite stressing.

Anyway confused as I was as to whether I should make Neer Dosa. I decided to go ahead as one recipe by Shrikripa Just popped up on my F B page. It seemed easy.Believe me it was awesome. So light , soft and delightful.

I made it in a nonstick frying pan. Though she writes one can use a normal seasoned iron tava.

1 cup rice soaked overnight ( I used basmati)



She said with or without coconut ( I didn’t use )

Wash the rice twice .

Soak in clear water.

Next day drain the water and grind to a slightly coarse paste in a grinder or mixie.

Mix in salt and enough water so that one gets a thin pouting consistency

Heat the pan / tawa. It should be nice n hot.

A warm or cold tawa will not give us a perforated Dosa.

Rub a little oil on it

Pour the batter on the pan with a ladle atleast 8-10” above the pan.

Slightly swirl your hand as you pour

Fill the large gaps with more batter

Lower the flame to medium and let the Dosa cook .

Try to lift from the the sides with a spatula

If it come of the pan easily it is done

Flip and roast for a few seconds.

Fold and serve with a stew or chutney.


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