Nachni / Ragi Rotis

Soft Fluffy Nachni Rotis

We’ve tried making Nachni Rotis in various ways using hot water, normal water , adding a little wheat flour but they were always quite tough and would crack up.would puff up and we had to gulp down the hard Rotis.

But a Maharashtrian neighbour came to our rescue and showed us the right method.

Heatva little water in a pan enough to bind the dough in.

Add in the dough. Mix it in the water with a wooden spatula. So that it is a thick , dryish and lumpy batter. Take the pan off the flame.

Remove the batter in a parat/ flat plate. Let it cool for a minute. Start kneading the batter till it forms into dough.

Now quickly roll out discs with this wam dough with a little dusting of dry flour . Roast on the Tava and then on an open flame like a Roti / Chapatti .

Voila lovely , puffed up thin and soft Nachni Rotis ready.

A tip. : Anyone with CKD go easy on Nachni as it is has a very high potassium content.


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