Pesarattu ( Moong Dal Dosa)
This is just an amazing and healthier way to have a Dosa. 

Again thanks to my cook “Sangeeta ” who made this fabulous dosa which is now made at least 2 times a week at my place. 

Green Moong Dal is high in protein and fibre and low in fat and and calories. 

Easy to make no long hours of soaking . I soaked it for about 2 hours in warm water . 
3/4 cup Green Moong Dal 

A pinch of hing 

1/3 tsp cumin

2-3 green chillies

1″ pc of ginger

2 cloves garlic ( optional)

2 tbsp coriander fresh( optional)

2 tbsp rice flour ( to give it a crispy texture)
Wash and soak the dal for about 2-3 hours 

Grind in a mixie adding all the ingredients . Reserve the rice flour. 

Pour the batter in a bowl add water if it’s too thick. Add salt and rice flour. 

Take a ladle full and spread on a hot seasoned tawa. Make a nice thin dosa. 

Sprinkle a few drops of ghee/ oil on the dosa. As it starts browning in the underside and becomes crisp start lifting the sides with a flat spatula. Roll . Serve with a chutney of your choice. 
One can even add a filling of onions, veggies , Paneer etc. But since I like my Dosa undisturbed I didn’t make a filling. 


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