Lal Maath Bhaji. 
Lal Maath/ Amaranth / chawli/ Lal Saag / Red Spinach 
This red leafy veg has umpteen benefits. 

Aids digestion , improves kidney function 

Strengthens the hair roots and it is very good for people who are anaemic specially if it is cooked in an iron Kadhai. These are a few of the benefits 

I love this dish made by my cook my namesake “Sangeeta. ”

Here I’m sharing the recipe can be enjoyed with fulkas / rice or just have a bowl of it by it self. 
Prep. Pluck the leaves of the amaranth. Wash .Dont Chop

3 cups packed leaves of amaranth

4-5 cloves garlic smashed

1 medium onion finely chopped

4-5 dried red chillies

Salt to taste 

2 tbsp MO
Heat the oil in a Kadhai I used an iron kadhai because it is supposed to increase the iron content of greens. 

Add in the garlic and fry till it releases a nice aroma. Add in the onions and cook till soft. Add in the dry red chillies fry for a few seconds. Now throw in the amaranth leaves and add the salt. Cover and cook in a medium flame. Stir from time to time till all the liquid dries up. 


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