Roasted Beetroot Soup
A nice light refreshing soup with very subtle flavours. 
1 beetroot 

1 medium onion 

1 clove garlic ( optional)

2 tbsp celery

1/3 tsp black pepper powder/ cracked

2 tbsp lemon juice 

3 cups water/ vegetable broth. 

Salt to taste
Wash the beetroots and onion and the love of garlic 

Keep on a piece of foil or the oven tray 

Bake in a hot oven for about 20 -30 minutes. Remove the garlic clove after 8-10 minutes. 

Cool. Peel. And roughly chop all three. Onion, garlic and beetroot. 

Pour 3 cups of water/ broth in vessel and set it to boil. 

As it starts boiling add in the chopped veggies, celery , pepper powder and salt. 

Let it boil for a few minutes. 

Just before serving add the lemon juice. 


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