Watermelon Rind Soup 
This Soup was a trial of sorts and a very successful one I must say. 

Simple but wholesome delicious and very light. This soup is a must make. I had it at room temperature and loved it. The Timur gave the otherwise bland soup a lovely flavour and fragrance . 

Thank you Atul Sikand for very generously sharing with me some Timur which I truly treasure. 
1 ltr Any broth if you have or water ( I had some juice squeezed out from some carrots and cucumbers for a dip so my cook added that too ) 

1 1/2 cups water melon rind 

3-4 slices of ginger 

1 ” cinnamon 

3 tbsp coriander chopped 

1/2 tsp schezuan pepper 

2 tbsp lemon juice 

1/4 tsp roasted and crushed Timur. 


Boil the broth/ water and add in the Rind, Cinnamon and ginger. Cook till the rind feels slightly soft to the touch. About 20 minutes. 

Add the carrot and cucumber juice 

Toast the schezuan pepper and crush in a mortar and pestle. Add . 

Add the salt.  

Cook for a few minutes . 

Add in the Freshly crushed Timur just before serving. 

Now add in a dash of lemon juice. 

Garnish with coriander.

Enjoy the delectable Watermelon Rind Soup Hot , Cold or at room temperature . 


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