Fennel Salad

Wow! As I ate it it was like heaven. The subtle fragrance of the Fennel, the sweetness of the cherry tomatoes. The balsamic and green chillies . It was yummm . 

1 bulb fennel

10-12 cherry tomatoes 

1 green chilli chopped


A dash of balsamic vinegar

A few sprigs of chopped coriander 

The leaves of the fennel
Slice the fennel bulb thinly 

Slice the tomatoes into two ( I sliced a few and the rest I left intact 

Mix the fennel and cherry tomatoes and warm it in high for a few minutes 

Add the green chillies 

Cover with a lid and keep aside for a few mins. 

The fennel and cherry tomatoes will release their fragrance and juice respectively 

Just before serving mix in the balsamic vinegar and salt. 


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