Gajar Ka Halwa
Easy though time taking . No added flavours. A very rustic , desi version . 

The best I’ve tasted. This was my first attempt at this delicious Halwa with Gur. 

And I’m so glad I made it.  
500 gms juicy red carrots about 2/1/2 cup after grating

1 let milk ( I used 1/2 full cream and half toned)

1 tbsp desi ghee

150-200 gms Taal Gur 

Wash , rinse and grate the carrots

Heat the milk in a large Kadhai. As it comes to a rolling boil add in the grated carrots. 

Stir till it starts boiling again. 

Keep stirring from time to time. 

After it is nice and thick like a batter. Lower the flame a bit and cook stirring a little vigorously. Really good arm strength used here 

When the milk dries up add in the Gur and stirring lightly till the Gur melts. Stir till the Gur and the carrot mixture come together. Add in a tbsp of desi ghee ( optional). Mix it well. 

Enjoy it hot , warm, or at room temperature. It marvellous every which way. 


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