Exotic Chocolates 
I have to thank for teaching me these lovely chocolates 

A very simple recipe to make these exotic looking chocolates 

We made these for my nephews marriage instead of Mithai boxes and boy the amount of appreciation we got was phenomenal. 

We made two kinds and here I’ll be sharing the recipe for both the chocolates 
1 kg white chocolate (Morde or Van Leer compound)

150 gms Amul cream


Dried rose petals

Raw Pistachios crushed coarsely

Almonds sliced 

Candied fruits chopped

Edible glitter 
Chocolate 1

1 kg chocolate

150 gms Amul cream

Gulkand for spreading. 

150 gms coarsely crushed pistachios

Dried rose petals

Edible glitter
Break the chocolate into pieces in a large microwaveable bowl  

Microwave for a minute 

Remove and stir with a spoon. 

Microwave again for a minute and stir till the lumps melt down. Or repeat this process one more time if needed and stir to let the lumps melt. Donot over heat. 

Mix in the cream. 

Stir till the chocolate starts getting thick 

Add in the coarsely pounded pistachios. 

As it gets thicker lie a dough knead it 

Place it on a clean slab and roll it out to about 3/4 ” thick. 

Quickly cut with about 3-4″ cutters to the shapes or sizes desired

Pick up each piece carefully and placed stray to set. 

Cover each chocolate with a thin layer of Gulkand. And sprinkle dried rose petals and glitter 
Chocolate 2

The process is the same only mix in about 1 1/2 cups of candied fruit in 1 kg of chocolate and then follow the same procedure as above. 

Again a thin layer of Gulkand covered with crushed pistachios. Decorated with sliced almonds , glitter, and whole pieces of candied fruit. 
These were the only pictures that I could click so please bear with me. 


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