Moong ki Dal Ka Kora Bada ( Vada) Traditionally a Rajasthani Bada ( Vada). 

A lovely Bada as they call it in Marwadi. Now a delicacy made during any said opportunity. A tru blue Marwadi will never say no to a Bada. 

No one in our house can make better badas than my daughter ( Rachna)n today she made them. Mandatory in our home for the Diwali Dinner. 
1 cup Moong dal dhuli 

1tsp saunf powdered 

1 heaped tsp chilli pwd 

2 -3 green chillies 

1″ PC ginger

1/2 tsp heeng

1 tsp coriander seeds 

Salt to taste
Soak the dal for few hours or overnight. Drain thoroughly in a strainer n spread it on a dry kitchen cloth to remove excess water. There should be no excess water. 

Grind in a grinder with the ginger n green chillies without adding water . We need a slightly coarse batter

Remove in a bowl add the rest of the masalas beating or 2-3 mins Add about a tbsp of hot oil and a tbsp of flour. ( regular wheat flour. ) mix it well. Immediately make the vadas. 

Heat ample oil in a Kadhai 

Spread a wet muslin cloth on a clean kitchen counter or a chopping board. . Keep a small bowl of water handy

Take about 1 tbsp of the batter n place on the wet cloth. Spread it with wet fingers

Lightly place fingers on the spread batter

Lift the cloth from one end n slide the batter on the fingers. Carefully overturn hand over hot oil. Let the batter fall flat on in the oil. As soon as it swims up flip the vada. They should puff up like pooris. But even if they don’t it’s alright . Fry till golden brown on a high to medium heat. ( . Never on a low heat cause it will absorb the oil and won’t taste that great. )Remove. 

Do the same with the rest of the batter. Each time wet the muslin cloth n fingers

Before spreading fresh batter

Put them in kanji n you get fabulous kanji badas. Or soak in water , squeeze and make dahi Bada with them. 

If by chance it’s not happening. Just make nice crunchy pakori with them. 
Serve hot with

A chutney made with green chillies ginger and salt. Just pounded in a mortar n pestle with mota namak. Or

Kachri ki chutney. 
Happy Diwali. 


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