Dahi ke Chane 
A delicious dish from Rajasthan . Full of flavour ( Jaisalmer) 
1/2 cup black chickpeas soaked overnight 

1 1/2 cup curd 

1 tbsp besan 

1 tsp dhaniya pwd 

1 tsp chilli pwd

1/2 tsp cumin seeds 

1/2 tsp saunf pwd

1/2 tsp kachri pwd

1/4 tsp turmeric pwd 

Green chillies chopped 

Pinch of hing 

Ghee/ oil2 tsps 

Salt to taste 
Boil the chickpeas in ample water for 2-3 whistles. Keep it on a simmer till another whistle. Switch off the flame. Let the pressure drop on its own. 

Check to see that the chanas are cooked through and soft when pressed. 

The dahi should be at room temperature 

Mix the besan in the dahi and reserve 

Heat the oil in a wok 

Tip in the hing and jeera. As the jeera crackles. Add the chilli pwd , dhaniya pwd and turmeric. Immediately add 1/4 cup of water and stir . 

Cook till the water is almost dry. 

Add the chanas and mix very well so that all the chanas are coated with the masalas. Add the kachri pwd.

Add the dahi. And stir till it come to a boil. 

Cook for a few mins. Add the salt. Check the consistency. It should be like a thick soup. But one can have it thinner too. 

Serve with rice , rotis or even kachoris. 


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