Mag Methi ( Moong and Fenugreek) 
I don’t know from where this moong dish originated but I learnt it from my sis and she from a Sindhi friend . Mag the word is a Gujju word for Moong beans. 

Moong Chawal is a must for our Dussehra Puja. And so this is how I make it since a few years. 

Somehow I feel our ancestors really knew how to balance meals. Since on Navami we gorge on Poori and Halwa today ie. on Dussehra they kept it light with Moong Chawal. 

A very Happy Dussehra to all 
Mag Methi
1/2 cup moong beans

2 tsps ghee

1/3 tsp methi Dana 

A dot of hing

1/2 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp haldi

1 tsp green chilli ginger paste

1 sprig of curry patta 

Salt to taste 

3-4 sticks of whole amchoor

A handful of coriander chopped
Wash n soak the moong beans for an hour

Heat the ghee in a cooker ,

Add in the hing n jeera let it crackle 

Add the curry patta and methi Dana 

 green chilli ginger paste

Add the moong and sauté in the ghee for a few mins 

Add about 11/2 cups of water

Add the haldi , salt let I come to a boil. 

Add the amchoor. 

Close the lid if the cooker and let it take one whistle. Lower the flame and cook for about 10-15 mins. 

Close the gas

Let the pressure release on its own 

By now the beans should have cooked and split open. Cook a lil more if it watery. Add the coriander. Mix in. Serve hot with rice. 


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