Rajgira flour Paratha Amaranth flour Paratha ( gluten free ideal for vrat/ fast /upvas)
3/4 cup rajgira flour

1/3 cup grated boiled potato

2 green chillies minced

A bit of sendha namak ( rock salt)
Sieve the flour add the grated potatoes chillies and salt. Mix very well after 2-3 mins the potatoes will start making the flour soggy. Knead to a dough. Take a lump of dough. Smoothen it between the palms.  

Immediately roll out to make Rotis with a dusting of dry rajgira flour on a rolling board. A few cracks will appear on the edges and that’s alright. 

Gently lift the rolling borad. Place the palm on the Roti . Flip the rolling board so the Roti falls on the palm. 

Place it on a hot tawa . Let it roast on one side till a few brown spots appear on the underside. Flip .Apply a few drops of ghee / oil on the roasted side flip again. Grease the dry side again 

Serve these delicious rotis with curd / raita or a desired veggie . 


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  1. Wow gluten free paratha.. Yummy


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