Quick Badam Halva

Music and Cooking for me me are both stress busters .
It is like playing with a baby whilst listening to your fav. Songs.

Badam Ki Burfi/ Katli

A must have in most Marwari homes and functions be it an engagement, marriage, celebrating a new born , all festivals and given to lactating mothers.
A delicious burfi tastes fab when fresh.
I’ve even baked a few and made Badam ki Roti.
This is a very versatile dough make tarts or a pie with it and give it a filling if pistachios, saffron, cardamom and sugar candy.
Make it like a pizza and give it a topping of mixed nuts cooked in sugar syrup
Just let your imagination run and conjure up a decadent mithai / dessert

150 GMs Almonds
125 GMs powdered sugar
2 tsps ghee
1/2 cup milk
1/4 tsp saffron ( optional)

Cornflour and parchment paper

Soak the saffron in milk
Wash the almonds Soak the them overnight or in boiling hot water for 15 mins. Cover, drain wash in tap water. Peel
If it hasn’t been soaked overnight. Soak again in hot water for 2-3 hours.
Drain. Grind in a mixie to a fine paste adding the milk.
The mixture will feel slightly grainy to touch
Mix the sugar and almond mixture in a nonstick or heavy bottomed Kadhai. Donot use aluminium Kadhai or the mixture might get a greyish colour.
Cook the mixture on a low flame. Stirring and scraping constantly . First the mixture will become like a batter and then after ten minutes it will all come together. Cook till it becomes a lump. Take a small ball and keep it on a plate. Cool. After cooling give it a shape. If it hold the shape it is done if it gets limp. Cook it for some more time.
Remove on a plate. Press it down with a ladle flatten n cool . When it is slightly warm. Knead it and form into a smooth ball.
Spread a parchment sheet. Dust it with cornflour .place the almond mixture on the sheet n gently roll it out to the desired thickness. Ideally it is about 1/3″.
Cut into the shapes you want. Cool completely . Relish

To bake
Make into shape place on a parchment paper and bake on 225• till a few brown spots appear. It hardly takes a few mins. Keep a watch.


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