Quick Badam Halva( almond Halva)

Quick, delicious, decadent .
This halva is made under 10 mins whereas a regular badam halva takes a good 30 mins . In fact a few hours to be precise
Soaking, peeling , grinding n then cooking
Like any other Maru house there’s always some (Badam ki Burfi/Katli ) at home
And since they are 4 times as thick as Kaju Katli you don’t need too many to make a bowl of halva ( serves 4-5)

6 Badam Burfis
2 tbsp Desi Ghee
1/2cup water

Scrape the wark / silver foil away
If the Burfis are soft crumble them with your hands. But if they are dryish . Break into pieces an blitz in a mixie to a fine crumbly texture .
Heat the ghee in a Kadhai. Add the crumbled burfi n cook stirring constantly scraping any off any mixture that sticks to the Kadhai . Cook on a medium to low flame. As it turns a brownish colour. Add the water and increase the flame. Stir vigorously to break any lumps that might have formed .
Let the water dry up n bring it to a halva like consistency.

Donot add too much water or it’ll be like a slurry. The Badam pieces you see in my post are because this wasn’t a regular Badam Burfi ( where the almonds are made into a fine paste). But here the almonds were crushed into tiny bits.


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