Bhawan Karela ( Stuffed Bitter Gourd)

300 GMs Karelas( I got 6 small ones)
1 onion chopped very fine
1 tbsp heaped Besan
2 tbsp Aam ka Achaar masala
1/2 tsp saunf( fennel)
1/4 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp dhaniya pwd
1/2 tsp red chilli pwd
Karela seeds crushed
1 1/2 tbsp mustard oil +2 tsps mustard oil

Scrape the Karelas n wash. Apply some salt n turmeric on the Karelas cover and keep aside for about 2-3 hours.
The Karelas will release its bitter juice. Squeeze out excess juice from the Karelas n wash them. Slit the Karelas from one side top to bottom.
Remove the seeds. If the seeds are reddish discard them otherwise crush them in a mortar n pestle.
Heat 2 tsps oil in a wok . Add the hing and sauf. As the saunf starts browing add the onions n cook for a min. Just before it starts turning pink add the Besan n cook on a slow flame for 3-4 mins. Add the spices n Aam ka Achaar ka masala. Mix it well. Mix in the crushed seeds. Cool .
Fill this masala in the slit Karelas.
Heat 2 tbsps oil in a Kadhai
Add the Karelas one by one. And keep gently turning n flipping them so that they get coated with the oil. Cook on a low to medium flame and every now and then
Keep turning them till they get cooked all over.


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