Nutty Bites n Kaju Katli

We Marwaris tie Rakhi to each n every member of the family ie, brothers, bhabhis, nieces, nephews n even the toddlers of our nephews. So basically Rakhi in a Marwari house is a big big affair
Lots of masti , hulla gulla n khana peena
I was making Kaju Katli for Rakhi ( my first attempt)
And then it struck me that I could do something with it. Simple but something nice .so I made these bite size bits .

For the kaju Katli
250 GMs cashews
125 GMs sugar
3-4 cardamoms powdered
A little edible silver foil

Assembling the bites
A few almonds
1/2 cup dedicated coconut
Edible silver foil

Soak the cashews in warm water for 3-4 hours.
Grind the sugar in a dry grinder
Drain the water from the cashews n grind to a paste adding very little water if needed
On a heavy bottomed / non stick Kadhai ( wok) mix in the cashew paste n powdered sugar .
Put the wok on the stove on a medium flame n keep stirring scraping from the sides . In a few minutes about 10-12 minutes the mixture will start coming together n form a velvety, shiny soft lump.
Remove from the flame n let it cool.
Cool enough to handle
Wipe the almonds with a damp cloth
Spread them on a plate n microwave for 1 minute n then again for a minute. Cool
Take a small lump of the cashew mixture on the palm. Spread it out. Put in almond on the mixture n enclose the almond
Scatter some dedicated coconut on a plate n mix in some edible foil or glitter
Roll the enclosed almonds in the coconut
And we’re done.

The rest of the mixture I used to make the kaju katlis

Dust a parchment paper with some cornflour
Take the cashew mixture. Roll it out to the size needed with the little more sprinkling of cornflour. Cover with edible foil. Let dry for sometime under the fan. N cut into desired shapes.


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