Authentic Marwari Cuisine will always have Choorma . This Delicacy of Rajasthan is Sheer Indulgence but so what once you dig in it is like heaven

250 gms wheat flour flour
3 tbsp ghee
180 gms pwd sugar
1/4 cup almond chopped n lightly fried
1/4 cup fried gaund
1 tsp cardomom pwd (optional)
Few strands of Saffron( optional)
+ 1 tbsp hot ghee

Donot use oil / olive oil/ mustard oil or any other oil. Ghee just pure Desi ghee is what is to be used

Mix the atta n ghee n bind with water to a stiff dough. Break into even sized balls n clutch them in your palms to make shapes like gnocchi. Fry in hot ghee on a low to medium flame n remove on a plate as they start turning Reddish in colour
Let them cool break one open n check that it’s been cooked through
Break them all n whiz in a grinder or food processor till it resembles bread crumbs
Mix in the Powdered sugar n the saffron
N cardomoms
Mix in fried almonds n gaund
Crush the Gaund to fine bits n fry in hot Ghee till they fluff upto 10 times their size
Are yet whitish n crumble as you touch
If there is a hardness remaining they are not done
Cut up they almonds and lightly fry in hot ghee
Add the hot ghee n mix well
To be had with Panchmeli Dal


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