Rajasthani kanji Bada

200 GMs Moong dal dhuli
1/2 tsp saunf crushed
3/4-1 tsp chilli pwd
2 green chillies
1″ PC ginger
1/2 tsp heeng
1 tsp coriander seeds
Salt to taste

Soak the dal for about 2 hrs. Drain thoroughly in a strainer n spread it on a dry kitchen cloth to remove excess water
Grind in a grinder with the ginger n green chillies without adding water . We need a slightly coarse batter
Remove in a bowl add the rest of the masalas beating or 2-3 mins
Heat ample oil in a Kadhai
Spread a wet muslin cloth on a wooden board. Keep a small bowl of water handy
Take about 1 tbsp of the batter n place on the wet cloth. Spread it with wet fingers
Lightly place fingers on the spread batter
Lift the cloth from one end n slide the batter on the fingers. Carefully overturn hand over hot oil. Let the batter fall flat on in the oil. As soon Asit swims up flip the bada n fry till golden brown. Remove.
Do the same with the rest of the batter. Each time wet the muslin cloth n fingers
Before spreading fresh batter

Dip all the badas in a big vessel fullof water for about 5 mins . Carefully remove all the badas./ drain(this step is done so that we can get rid of excess oil and the badas don’t get rancid

1 tbsp curd
1/4 tsp turmeric
2 tsp rai pwd
1 tsp red chilli pwd
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp saunf pwd
1 ltr water
Heeng 1/4 tsp

Whip the curd mix in all the masalas n add to the water. Drop in all the badas n cover with a lid a size smaller than the vessel
So that the lid falls on the badas n all the badas sink in an soak up the kanji. Garnish with coriander leaves

Dhuni ( smoky effect)
Place an empty katori on the badas put a burning charcoal inside the katori . Add a few drops of ghee and a pinch of heeng
Immediately cover the vessel with a lid n leave for 10-25 mins.
Ready after 12-24 hrs .( to get a nice sour taste)


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