Stuffed parwal ki mithai
12 pcs of parwal big n thick
100 gms pumpkin
Sugar 250 gms
10- 12 almonds slivered
2 tbsp of mishri pounded
1/2 tsp powdered cardomom
10- 15 strands of saffron
50 gms of fresh chenna ( homemade paneer)
Peel n grate the pumpkin boil it in water for 5-7 mins drain rinse n squeeze out the excess water gently
Take 100 gms of sugar in a pan with 1/4cup of waterm boil. Put the pumpkin in the sugar syrup n cook till the water dries up take it off the flame
Mix in the almonds , cardomom n saffron once it cools down mix in the chenna n mishri the stuffing is ready

Wash n peel the parwals. Slit them from one side as we do to make stuffed parwals. Boil water in a pan n boil the parwals for8- 10 mins. Drain rinse n put in cold water to stop the cooking. After it cools down take out parwals one by one. Be gentle. Now very gently open it a little n remove the seeds n loose fiber. Squeeze lightly. One by one. Make a sugar syrup with 100-150 gms of sugar and water in a wide wok . Put the parwals in it n keep turning them . Each one separately. The sugar syrup will start drying up. Take it off the flame. Let it come down to room temperature. Gently open each parwal n stuff . Can decorate with silver foil or with some more almond n cardomom.


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