Baked Chenna Payesh

Full cream milk 3 ltr + 3 -4tbsp powdered sugar( depends on the sweetness desired)
Full cream milk 1ltr+300 gms condensed milk
A few strands of saffron
Few soaked n slivered almond n pistachios

Chenna made from 1 ltr
2 Ltrs boiled and reduced to half
Chenna from 1ltr milk
200 GMs condensed milk

Boil 1 ltr milk n add 1/2 cup of curd to it as it comes to a boil , stir n let the whey separate from the curdled milk Strain in a Muslim cloth . Leave it for about 15 mins till all the water drains out

Mix this with the reduced milk n add the sugar whisk it properly so they are incorporated . Add the saffron . Spread in an ovenproof dish n bake in a hot oven at 250• for 15-20 mins
Remove , chill n cut into pcs. Garnish with almonds n pistachio

If using condensed milk leave add 2 tsps sugar to the chenna mix it in the condensed milk. Whisk n then the process is the same as written above.
They don’t get cut very evenly as they are a little juicy
Or we can just bake them in tiny bowls
These can be eaten hot or cold as desired


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