Quick Mango Sandesh

Alphonso mango 2-3
Milk1 ltr
Enough to curdle the milk ( 2-3 tbsps)
Sugar 3 1/2 tbsp pwd sugar
Saffron ( optional)

Heat the milk as it comes to a boil add the lemon juice n stir as the milk separates from the whey switch off the flame. Strain through a Muslin cloth / very fine nylon mesh strainer
Wash throughly with water so that the sour taste of lemon gets totally washed away . Leave it for sometime so that no whey is left in the chenna. Squeeze it gently between the palms .
Crumble the chenna on a board n knead with the palms. Mix in the sugar n knead to a smooth dough like consistency . Mix in the saffron .
Take half the chenna n spread it evenly in a pie dish
Cut the mango into slices n spread a nice , thick layer over the chenna.
Spread the rest of the chenna on the mangoes n cover completely
Decorate with slices of mango ,n whipped cream


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