Mango Wraps
Mangoes 2-3(preferably Alphonso)
Homemade chenna(of 1 ltr milk
Few strands of saffron
3-4 cardomoms peeled n crushed
8-10 almonds soaked peeled n slivered
3-4 tbsp caster sugar
Silver leaf ( optional)

Heat the milk in a pan as it comes to a boil put in the juice of one lemon
Stir n switch off the flame. Strain the paneer in a Muslin cloth. Wash with tap water so that all the sourness of the lemon juice gets washed away . After the water has completely drained keep it in the fridge for an hour. Crumble the Paneer n knead it in a bowl with the sugar till smooth. Mix in the cardomom n saffron. Reserve
Peel the mangoes. Slice them from the broader sides . We need paper thin slices. So use a very sharp knife. Keep them aside in a plate.
Pick up each slice very carefully with a knife or spatula. Lay the slice on one hand. Take a lump of the chenna the size of a walnut. Make it in a longish shape place it on one end of the mango slice n gently fold over the othe side.
Decorate with silver leaf. Almonds , pistachios n rose petals


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